Sydney Fish Markets

Date2021 – Ongoing
Infrastructure Value$750M
ServiceEngineering design, project management, stormwater drainage, earthworks, WSC, civil foreshore
revetment, inground services co-ordination, bridge roadworks upgrade

The new Sydney Fish Market creates more than 6000 square metres of new public space and will include The Urban Park – located to the east of the new Sydney Fish Market, will provide a cool, green respite space. The design prioritises comfort through extensive planting, shade trees, seating and large garden ‘rooms’. The Urban Park connects to the new Sydney Fish Market via large amphitheatre staircases. Together this space will support a variety of small to medium public events including market stalls, smaller concerts and pop-up events. Waterfront promenade – the project will deliver an extended foreshore promenade, connecting the existing Glebe foreshore promenade to Pyrmont. This will be the first time in almost 200 years.

The harbour promenade will also include places to sit, socialise and provide necessary infrastructure towards achieving Sydney’s goals of being a walkable city. The local plaza – located to the west of the building, will provide a seamless transition between the existing Glebe Foreshore Walk and the new Sydney Fish Market. It will feature trees, seats and a grassed area for people to enjoy.

AT&L's Scope Included

  • Design of temporary and permanent foreshore revetment co-ordinated with the temporary coffer dam and permanent sea wall construction
  • Obtaining approval with TFNSW for Bridge Rd upgrade works
  • Sydney Water Water Services role to provide lead in water and sewer services, plus approval of trunk culvert extension works.
  • Significant and complex co-ordination with the development support structure and transition to the on grade promenade including civil foreshore works and in-ground services co-ordination

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